Associated Tradesperson

From 27 October 2017 three Associated Tradesperson classes will be combined into one Associated Tradesperson class.

People registered as Associated Tradesperson as a Plumber, Gasfitter, or Plumber and Gasfitter will automatically be re-registered in the Associated Tradesperson class.

Associated tradesperson flowchart

Guidance notes

Three Associated Tradesperson classes are amalgamated into one:

  • Plumbers Gasfitters Drainlayers Board (PGDB) registration and licence required for registration
  • competency to be satisfactory demonstrated to the Board
  • can do all the Prescribed Electrical Work (PEW) they did before except
  • can not do PEW in a mining operation
  • view limits of work(external link)

Frequently asked questions

I am a plumber with an Associated Tradesperson (Plumber) registration but I now have just Associated Tradesperson registration. Does this mean I can do any Associated Tradesperson electrical work?

Your limits of work are constrained by your licence from the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board. You may do any electrical work that is associated with your PGDB licence. For example, if you are not a licensed gasfitter you can’t do any electrical work on gas water heaters for example. 

Do I need to re-register?

All associated trades registrations with a current practising licence will be grand-parented to the new Associated Trades class of registration.